Dental X Ray Vs 3D Imaging

Posted on October 25, 2020October 25, 2020Categories dental x ray muncie

dental x ray muncie

Yes, it’s sounds like the opening to a superhero movie. So interesting too, because here there are no villains in this playback. Well, there are actually, but that part comes later. The thing is, dental x ray muncie procedures still have its place in the dentist’s rooms. If not that, the dentist is utilising a separate room just for the processing of X rays. The 3d imaging room, if there is one, is not exactly replacing the older and still often used dental X ray.

But before chatting about the superheroes in this exercise, the traditional dental X Ray and the more modern 3D imaging process, let’s take a quick look at these punks. Bacteria and tooth decay are the real villains in this play, rotting villainous teeth are as well. And they have all got to go. Of course by now you know that some of your favorite superheroes have X Ray vision. The dentist is a hero too. Just let him do his work on you and you’ll see.

The dental X Ray will be used for basic and set procedures. A basic dental exam would not normal require an X Ray if the patient has been keeping up with his regular habit of going to the dentist at least twice a year. But for first time patients who have no previous dental records to show for their appearance, the dentist might wish to insist on taking a dental X Ray.

The 3D impression is much preferred by dentists who are in the process of placing implants for their patients. What’s great about the 3D imaging process is that the dentist is able to gain a model or scale impression of the patient’s entire oral and dental structures.