Ways To Keep Your Garage Organized

The garage, the man cave or work area for most men can be a great place to hang out or it could be a living nightmare.  When we look at a garage, we want it to be clean and function.  The use of garage organization systems barrington il can be a great asset to help you get started on your journey.

Optimize your space

The first trick is to learn how to optimize your space.  Most people will not do this.  They will try to organize their space but will just have a very loose way of doing things.  Then as they do tasks, the area will become more and more cluttered.

When we optimize our spaces, we have a central work area.  From that central work area, you want to fan out in a spoke pattern placing the most used items closer to you and fan out to the least used items farther away.  The reason for this is that we will be able to use the items closest to us more easily and will put them away when done. 

Label everything

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When you label items and areas, you can easily remember where things are and can grab them quicker.  When labeling items, you can go big with section headers all the way do to labeling jars and bins.  These labels should be clear and readable.  You may also want to color code items if your eyes are getting bad and can’t read the fine print of a label.

Keep people away from your stuff

Finally, you will want to keep others away from your tools.  When we keep people away from your tools, they won’t get lost, broken or otherwise moved.  Each person should have their own workspace, own tools and keep up with it themselves.  When we do this, organization, safety and other factors will soon become easier allowing you to organize your garage much easier.